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Leveling the Garage Floor for Gym

Who knew that garage floors are built with slope?  This girl sure didn’t! If I had, I would have asked my builder to level the floor, and install a drain in the center (assuming, of course, that garage floors are sloped due to drainage).  But, we weren’t privy to this knowledge before construction, so now we have a garage floor with approximately 1″ of slope per 4′.  Or, 1/4″ of slope per 1′.  This doesn’t seem like much.  In fact, it’s barely perceptible with the naked eye.  HOWEVER, doing movements like back squats, box jumps, double-unders, or wall balls, and this imperceptible difference becomes all-consuming.

So, it became obvious fairly quickly that we needed to level out the garage (aka, gym) floor.  After spending about $2k on some badass Crossfit equipment, the last thing we wanted was to bastardize our WODs with a sloped floor.  The need was obvious.  The how was not. Interested? Read on!