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Ebb & Flow Through San Diego

This isn’t a travel blog… but, as a blog about our adventures, I feel compelled to write about our San Diego experience.  Have you ever experienced effortless flow on vacation?  Maybe this is more common for others.  For Susan and me, vacations are typically more mentally exhausting than rejuvenating.  We always return from vacations feeling like we need a vacation to recover from vacation.  It sounds weird, but something about the energy required to navigate a new place, to find the best restaurants, bars, attractions… all while avoiding the touristy spots is mentally draining to us.  Plus, there is the self-induced anguish of, “We’re on vacation – we’re supposed to be having LOTS of fun!  Are we having fun?  What aren’t we doing that could be more fun?”  Basically, our vacations never seem to flow.  So, imagine our surprise when our San Diego vacation provided 9 days of pure, effortless fun and enjoyment. Continue reading