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Boot Trays

We’ve had insane amounts of rain here in Charlotte, NC during the last couple months.  It’s been unseasonably warm for Nov/Dec (70’s!), but too rainy to take advantage of the nice temperatures.  But rainy days make for excellent project days!  And what could be more appropriate this time of year than boot trays! Continue reading

Command Center

Any good mudroom needs a command center, right??  That’s what we thought, too.  Ours is a combination of things from Container Store and Ikea.  Check out the captions in the picture below to see where everything was purchased.  All in all, this command center cost about $90.  Many of the Container Store items were on sale – definitely helped to keep the cost down on this project!

The metal planters (used as pen/pencil holders here) were hung on the wall using pipe clamps and picture hangers.  Just clip the picture hanger around the pipe clamp, and nail to the wall. Super simple!

Command Center